Zip Blind

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“Protect and Insulate Your Space with the Motorized Zip Blind System – A Reliable Solution for All Seasons!”

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Features of Motorized Zip Blind System
  1. The Motorized Zip System provides protection against wind and cold with its special micro-perforated fabric, which also allows for air circulation in the area.
  2. It has insect protection in its fully closed position, ensuring a bug-free environment.
  3. The system provides approximately 30-40% heat insulation and protection against wind and light rain, making it suitable for use in all seasons.
  4. The profiles used in the construction of the system are made of 6XXX alloys and are covered with painted or anodized oxidation finishes to protect their visual appearance.
  5. All plastic parts of the zip system are made from high mechanical strength and low frictional resistance materials, with higher thermal resistance than other plastic materials.
  6. The zip and blind fabric are bonded together using ultrasonic welding, providing extreme resistance against splitting, tearing, and deformation of the welding area. This technique is not affected by water, heat, or high-speed winds.
Overall, the Motorized Zip Blind System is a durable and reliable solution that provides protection against the elements, insects, and provides insulation for a comfortable environment in any season.