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Rolling Roof System: Features and Specifications for 4-Season Comfort The rolling roof system is designed for 4-season comfort with its movable and foldable aluminum slats. Insulated slats are also available as an option for extra thermal efficiency. The system features hidden gutter channels on slats and rails to provide high water insulation and drainage, even when slats are opening. With its heat and water insulation, the system provides a cozy living area for all seasons. Electrostatic Powder Coating: High-Durability Paint Protection Our rolling roof systems use electrostatic powder coating, a high-durability paint protection method that involves an acid pool curing procedure. This allows for any RAL color, textured, and wooden finish coatings to be applied. Powder-coated paint has a 5-year warranty against color loss. Motor Automation: Smart and Reliable Our rolling roof systems can be motorized using Somfy, Becker, or Turkish brand motors. All motors come with a 5-year warranty and can be fully integrated into smart house automation systems. Other Specifications: Quality Materials for Durability Our rolling roof systems use Samsung LED and Elatech brand trigger belts as standard. Stainless steel connection parts provide high resistance against corrosion under different weather conditions.