Guillotine Glass

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Guillotine glass systems are the latest automatic window systems that are becoming increasingly popular in various areas and places due to their many years of expertise and knowledge. These systems are produced in accordance with relevant projects, with insulation solutions and safety features suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. The guillotine glass systems are available in many models and designs to suit their intended use, with specially designed stainless profiles, steel carriers, and 100% secure and alternative types. Areas of Usage Guillotine glass systems are perfect for use in various areas such as windows, room partitions, shop windows, café & restaurants, French balconies, automatic glass railing, roof terrace and balconies, pool edges, winter gardens, pergola awnings, and similar windbreaker structures. All parts of the guillotine glass window systems are manufactured from heat-insulated stainless materials. Benefits
  • The systems provide thermal insulation, high-level heat insulation, and heat glass profile options.
  • They offer sound insulation and wind protection, making them suitable for use in adverse weather conditions.
Electrostatic Powder Coating
  • The electrostatic powder coating process is performed after the acid pool curing procedure to increase the durability of the paint.
  • The systems can be coated in any RAL colour, textured or wooden finish coatings, with a 5-year warranty against colour loss.
Motor Automation
  • The guillotine glass systems can use Somfy, Becker, or Turkish brand motors.
  • All motors have a 5-year warranty and can be fully integrated into smart house automation systems.
Glass Options
  • The systems use 8mm tempered and 20mm double-sided tempered insulated glass.
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